“Buddhas arise in accord with the needs of beings.”Longchenpa

Where spiritual awakening is fresh, young, alive there develops a Buddhafield — a matrix of transformative energy that becomes embodied, enworlded in the work, meditation, love, play of those who live in its sphere. Tsogyelgar is a Buddhafield where ancient teachings are transmitted in accord with our time and culture.

There is a mirror hut at Tsogyelgar, a room with mirrors on all sides, ceiling, floor, and in the middle a Buddha statue and light, which are then reflected infinitely in all directions. This room is a metaphor for what happens when the Buddha within is awakened and reflects throughout the qualities and actions of our lives.

Tsogyelgar has grown organically over 26 years around the teachings and transmission of an American-born awakened sage, poet and farmer named Traktung Khepa or t.k.  With its shrines and sacred places, farm, bakery, creamery,  beautiful gardens, and professional quality music studio, Tsogyelgar is a Buddhafield where the energy of living transmission manifests as a way of living sacredness. 

t.k. is married to Tsochen Khandro, whose wisdom has been responsible for shaping every part of the community. Her love and skill has created an environment of sanity where contemplative practice and study is possible. 

Tsogyelgar is currently open the public for a short time on Sunday mornings. email us for more information. Click here to listen to recordings of weekly talks by t.k.


"Truth is not something which can be handed to one, it is useless if second hand. Truth, enlightenment, is something that must be realized for oneself in the fabric of one's living.” —Traktung Khepa
“Remember you come here having already understood the necessity of struggling with yourself — only with yourself. Therefore thank everyone who gives you the opportunity.” G.I. Gurdjieff

Truth lived is enlightenment. Truth, not second hand knowledge, not information, not concepts but a Truth lived as much in one's feet, hands, muscles, as in one's mind is the fruit of true realization. Realization means to make real in body, emotions, mind, qualities and actions. It means to have no distinction between inner and outer worlds and the third world of unutterable mystery that is untouched by birth and death.

Here you will not find consumerism, there is nothing for sale. But Truth, in all of its multidimensional richness is offered freely to those willing to pay the true price that has nothing to do with money, kiss ass dependencies, dogmas or consumerism’s shallow spiritual images.

There is a path through which one forges body, speech and mind into an instrument of subtle gnosis capable of discovering, embodying and enworlding Buddha Nature.


It is not enough to have some nice ideas, some hip spiritual philosophies. You must be able to live them or they are either not real or are not really yours. Enlightenment is not an inward state but a field of wisdom love lived in and through all appearances.

Knowledge without love is ineffectual at best. Love without knowledge becomes ugliness. Either one without the ability to do is pointless. Love and knowledge in balance is wisdom and when combined with the ability to do blossoms as the fullness of enlightenment.

The farm, the bakery, the creamery, the parties we have and the meditation retreats are all equally places where we engage the Work of spiritual transformation. And this never ends, even after realization, this entire field of human living becomes the place where the Buddha field animates as the living of our wisdom love.  


The ground of the path is a wisdom bliss endowed with beauty. The path itself is wisdom bliss endowed with beauty. The fruit of the path is wisdom bliss endowed with beauty.

We are sensual beings. We live through, in and as our sense fields and it is beauty which draws us beyond mere existence into true living. It is beauty that draws us beyond mere animalism into humanity and then beyond into the mysterious divine domain.

Tantra is a path which makes use of beauty, art, living transformational symbols to catalyze and guide our evolvement from the limitations and confusions of human life into the wisdom love of the Buddhas. It is a liberation aesthetics, a way of beauty and wisdom bliss.

Basho, the great Zen poet, once said "It is better to live poetry than to write poetry." It is best to live art, find the wellspring of creativity and beauty that waits within, and then embody and enworld this in all our actions.